How Sandstone and Timber can co-exist

Slate / Natural Stone / Crazy Paving / Stone Pavers / Landscaping Products / KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions MelbourneWhen it comes to real estate, streetscape plays an important role of ‘master of first impressions’. Whether buying property or creating that sought after ‘forever home’, the importance of front gardens cannot be understated.

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Tasmanian Sandstone Continues to Grow in Popularity

Tasmanian SandstoneKHD Landscape Engineering Solutions are pleased to report that in the Landscape Architecture industry, the use of stone in projects continues to grow and Tasmanian Sandstone is as popular as ever.

We truly believe, and our partners tell us, that the beauty of Tasmanian Sandstone is that it can blend seamlessly into both traditional classic architecture and modern contemporary projects.   The project applications shown here confirm this.

The stone is only lightly veined and therefore doesn’t interrupt the ability of the eye to enjoy the core design elements of a project.

Due to its capacity to last many generations, Tasmanian Sandstone is often featured in robust outdoor applications. It can be easily incorporated into garden features, high traffic paved areas, feature walling and building stone.

Using high quality stone in projects ensure that your work is enjoyed and looks good for generations to come.

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