Sandstone is an arenaceous sedimentary rock that can be supplied in grey, yellow, red, and white.

Sandstones are often relatively soft and easy to work with, which make it a common building and paving material.

Sandstone provides a timeless and soft finish for pool edges and other landscape designs.

Over many years we have supplied a variety of Sandstone which include Tasmanian SandstoneAireys Inlet SandstoneBeau Grey SandstoneDunkeld SandstoneIndian Sandstone and Mountain Gold Sandstone.  The gallery below showcases this work.

PB Sandstone

We also supply PB Sandstone, a lightly coloured sandstone with very impressive international laboratory reports.

Physical Testing Results

  • Bulk specific gravity – kg.m – 2445
  • Water absorption (%) by weight – 3.0
  • Mean absorption by volume (%) – 7.34% ± 0.08
  • Mean bulk specific gravity – kg.m – 2,425 ± 2
  • Test method – ASTM C97M-09

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