Major Roof Garden Refurbishment, Grattan St Carlton

When Ben Nicholson, from Groof, approached KHD regarding the re-instatement of a 1990’s 1000m2 garden terrace where the waterproofing had failed, the solution was clear.

A complete demolition of above slab structures. The new system required a long-term solution where the new waterproofing membrane would be accessible for repairs in the event of future failure. This also presented the Residents’ Committee an opportunity to redesign and build a more appropriate, modern garden space to cater for the residents of the 82 apartments. Ben commissioned Infinite Landscapes to come up with a landscape concept.

Harris HMC was the overseeing builder and CPE Landscapes won the landscape contact. After the new screeds were re-established, a new Cosmofin PVC waterproofing membrane was installed. 600 x 600 x 20mm porcelain Palanos tiles were selected to all pedestrian walkways laid on Versipave paver supports. Porcelain Pavers are growing in popularity as the prints and colours manufactured on the porcelain surface are indistinguishable from natural stone.

A Versiwall green wall greets residents as they enter the site from the main entrance disguising an ugly plain wall and is planted with Brachycombe, Lyripoes & dwarf Lomandra.

New roof areas over the stairwells were transformed by installing MEP green roof modules treating the residents in the upper levels of the development to more greenery to gaze upon and enjoy.

Throughout the large garden areas, 30mm drainage cell was installed with geofabric overlay to ensure fast movement of water over the membrane to waste. This also ensures plants are never waterlogged.

Garden edging was coloured concrete block capped with corten steel with a nice downturn edge which concealed low voltage strip lighting. This mood lighting looks great and allows pedestrians to easily navigate the garden at night.

The site is meticulously maintained by Matthew Ford from Landshapes, who’s passion for horticulture is evident to the visitor.

The overall project was a great success and the residents’ and owners’ corporation is delighted with the result.