VersiPave pedestals are engineered to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution to support raised pacers in an eco-friendly way.

VersiPave provides a surface cavity for services to be concealed, improves heat and sound insulation, facilitates rapid surface drainage whilst allowing waterproofing and services to remain accessible.

Because it is porous, it effectively enables rainwater to infiltrate through to the substrate beneath it. The fact that it can endure high loads means that the grass underneath is protected.

Versi Pave eliminates the use of bedding sand and cement screeds reducing dead loads on building structures. It also ensures the rapid drainage of surface water and avoids ponding even when the substrate has inadequate slope.

Pavers can be easily removed, minimising inconvenience to building occupants when the inspection and repairs to waterproofing membranes are necessary. Versi Pave also eliminates the need for join sealants and/or grouting.


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SpiraPave, using post-consumer recycled materials is a new generation high strength pedestal for use under Paving and Timber decking. The separate paired components allow for the creation of pedestals of differing heights. Simply move units up or down in increments of 1mm.

The adjustable heights range between 20mm to 87mm and also have optional Slope Correctors to cater for falls of up to 5%.

For deck construction SpiraPave can be used with a Bearer Holder catering for 40 to 85mm wide bearers.

SpiraPave is easy to install and is suitable for placement directly onto waterproof membranes with the addition of the base plate to protect the membrane.

SpiraPave CAD

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VersiJack 75

VersiJack, using post-consumer recycled materials is designed specifically for use under decks, pavers, floors, beam and bearer support, VersiJack is used in the construction of various structures including pedestrian walkways, roof terraces, roof gardens, sun decks, plaza decks, pool surrounds, balconies, verandas and reflective pools.

The screw jack pedestal is height adjustable from 75mm to 150mm and takes over from where the SpiraPave leaves off. Beyond this, using proprietary “extenders” can increase the height further. It has an inbuilt slope corrector, which allows adjustment for slopes up to 5%.

In addition, when it comes to benefits, VersiJack 75 increases heat insulation, reduces sound transmission and conceals unsightly services inside the cavity underneath the elevated platform, enabling easy access when required.

VersiJack is versatile and works with most granite, pre cast concrete and marble pavers – also decking and timber beams.


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VersiJack CAD

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Method Statement

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