TurfPave – Smart Paver Support System

Soil StabilisationDo you have clients who have small blocks of land and require the lawned area to be a car parking space as well as a family lawn/play area? If so, then TurfPave is here to help.

TurfPave is a lightweight, high strength interlocking plastic grass paver system designed for grassed areas subject to high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. TurfPave has a porous structure allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the ground. It’s high load-bearing qualities protects grass roots against compaction and effectively supports loads imposed by large vehicles. 

Other features include –

  • More than 90% unrestricted root base area
  • Secure snap-on joining ensuring modules remain in place after installation
  • Ability to peg the sub-base on slopes and curves
  • Vertical webs that direct roots downward minimising girdling
  • High compressive strength (unfilled > 200 t/m²)
  • Flexible connecting grids ensuring modules conform to uneven surfaces
  • Nesting design that halves storage and transport costs

In this video, KHD demonstrate how easy TurfPave is to install and overviews its features and benefits.