Improve Emergency Access with TurfPave

3Emergency access and overflow parking are two features of landscaping that can definitely be problematic. The challenge of maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment while also managing stormwater and providing a suitable surface for vehicles and foot traffic is a tough one to meet at the best of times.

Fortunately, TurfPave can provide the ultimate solution for your emergency access roads, overflow parking and any other forms of landscaping that require a trafficable surface that looks great and benefits the local environment.

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Meadows Primary School Project

The Meadows Primary School site was formerly home to Meadowbank Primary School which merged with Campmeadows Primary School to form one school.

The building was designed by NOWArchitecture and is registered for a Green Star Education rating, targeting a 6 star rating.

The school enjoys a passive hydrothermal air conditioning where the high raking ceilings allow hot air to rise above activity spaces and exit through upper louvre windows, providing excellent thermal comfort and air quality. Thermal buoyancy expels hot, stale air and pulls fresh air, which has been cooled by the sub-floor water tanks (supplied by KHD), in through floor grilles.

The project won Best New School in Victoria from the Council of Education Facilities Planners International.

KHD has supplied products to many award winning projects.


Looking for a Smart Drainage System?

Drainage Landscape SolutionsVersiFlex

VersiFlex is an interlocking drainage cell system ideal for use in planter boxes, roof top gardens and retaining walls. What makes VersiFlex unique is its ability to conform and fit to uneven surfaces such as curved walls and slopes.

If you are designing a project with a retailing wall, rather than using gravel as the drainage system, we recommend specifying VersiFlex, which can reduce the hydrostatic pressure on the wall.

VersiFlex is stackable and its nestable design reduces onsite storage space and transport costs.


VersiCell is a sub surface drainage system ideal for retaining walls, sports fields, under pavers and for underground infiltration and water storage tanks.

The key feature of this system is its strength, which means that VersiCell can be used in traffic areas as opposed to dimpled, or cuspated sheet systems. Bobcats can drive on it with a minimum of 300mm of soil covering the geotextile. This makes it ideal for large landscaped areas.