Retrofitted Green Roof Launched at 131 Queen Street, Melbourne

It seems that everyone in the design community wants to know more about Green Roofs.

Clients are asking about Green Roofs, the press is getting involved, so when KHD were invited by Green Roof Technologies to become involved in the Growing Up project, it was an offer simply too good to refuse.

The rooftops of Melbourne’s CBD buildings represent a concrete jungle. To start the process change, the Melbourne City Council Committee for Melbourne supported the establishment of the Growing Up project, which was launched to retrofit a green roof to a Melbourne CBD Building.

A design competition was established which Bent Architecture won.

Building owners in the CBD were contacted and asked to nominate buildings for consideration. In the end, 131 Queen Street Melbourne was chosen and, amongst other things, was the furthest nominated building from any green space in the CBD.

Want to know more about how to include a retrofitted Green Roof on your next projects? KHD is now working with Green Roof Technologies to provide an end-to-end design, construction and maintenance service for Green Roofs.

The rooftop of 131 Queen Street is now an inviting recreation space in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD.
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