RACV Club – How Granite Helped to Commemorate the Bush Fire Tragedy

KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions was honored to supply the Granite for a very special art piece located at the RACV Club in Healesville.

The monument, designed by PTA Landscapes and Tract Architects , was commissioned to reflect and acknowledge the role that the RACV Club played in assisting the local community during this tragic event.

The piece is a blue tree rising up from the black landscape signifying the renewal of life. It also reflects the trees in built environment and the linear form of architecture in this building.

The Granite supplied by KHD was manufactured to specific specifications and its solid black colour and pearl polished finish provide a clear reflection.

The RACV Club at Healesville played an important part in assisting the local community during the fires both as an operations centre for the Country Fire Authority and as a sanctuary for those who lost their homes.

This project was also recently featured on the Selector.com blog.

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