Versi Tank

VersiTank provides a sub-surface infiltration, detention or storm water storage solution. A heavy-duty tank of plastic construction using post-consumer, recycled materials. VersiTank storm water tanks are an ideal at-source rainwater management system, efficient in the storage of rainwater from roofs and impermeable surfaces such as sports fields, playgrounds, driveways and parking areas.

Their modular format allows tanks to be constructed in any configuration and with various load-bearing capabilities and is suitable for small projects such as individual homes right through to large industrial and commercial developments. It is also possible to increase the load-bearing ability of VersiTank storm water tanks by using additional proprietary “stabilisers”.

Easy assembly is possible by clipping the interlocking panels together. Once the units are assembled, they can be interlocked horizontally and vertically, so you can be assured of increased system stability – even under high weight bearing loads.


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