Secret Nail Concept is an alternative way to build a deck, as there is no need for top fixed nails or screws.

Installation times are greatly reduced, as there is no predrilling and only one tool is required to fix the deck.

The finished deck is beautiful smooth timber.

Water dispensers located on the Secret Nail Concept shed water to prevent damage to joists or decking and the 4mm spacer provides a consistent gap between the boards. The Secret Nail Concept comes to within 1mm of the top of the deck averting any build up of dirt and grime.

The deck can also be sanded if required, as there is no top fixing.

Secret Nail Concepts is a versatile product that can be incorporated into any landscape project including fences, barriers, cladding and partitions.


  1. Installation is easy.
  2. Measure and cut required amount of grooved timber
  3. Lay out lengths of timber over joists
  4. Apply a small bead of polyurethane glue over joist
  5. Place timber in position. Insert spacer (SNC0001) into groove snugly. Water dispersers should be facing downward over joist. Fastening hole should be facing outward
  6. To finish structural support there are three choices –
    • Pre drill through the fastening hole provided at a 45′ angle. Hammer in galvanised steel nail
    • As noted above, replace nail with small head decking screw
    • Nail Gun (fastest method) one nail at 45′ angle either side of fastening hole.


Click to view video a short video on Secret Nail Concept:

Three installation methods


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