Green roof featured on Grand Designs Australia

Green RoofThe project ‘Sustainable New Build’ was designed by Architect Chris Knierim of Designer Constructions, who is so passionate about sustainable buildings, he set about designing and building his very own.

The project is located on a very small plot of land and the intention of the design is to maximise every square inch of land and to reduce the overall energy consumption of the building.

Rainwater is collected via underground water storage tanks which irrigate the Elmich Green walls and the project is capped off with an insulating Elmich Green roof which, at its core, uses
the Elmich VersiDrain 25P. VersiDrain sits under the Green roof and acts as a reservoir, and a drainage layer. The 6 Litres/m2 stored in the cells supports the plants between irrigation.

Watch the full Grand Designs episode here.