Australian Bluestone Leads The Way

Australian BluestoneWhen KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions were commissioned to become involved in this high-end residential project in Red Hill on the out skirts of Melbourne, the magnificent surroundings called for the best natural resources.

Sensing the organic feel of the property and landscape, the new design and layout called for the use of natural materials where possible.

Answering to this brief, KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions selected Australian Bluestone with the view to creating a harmonious and leading interplay between the other elements of the project. The pictures speak for themselves.

Bluestone project feature

One of the main features of this design is a water fountain that flows seamlessly out behind the backdrop of Bluestone pavers. Also, the Bluestone crazy paving, which surrounds the pool, will grey and blend in more over time through the exposure to the natural environment.

This project provides an entire outdoor entertaining space that enables the maximum enjoyment out of the natural landscape. The smooth interaction between all the unique natural features makes this pool an outstanding additional to this Red Hill home.